Easter Bunny Cut Up Cake {tutorial}

Last year I wrote about the bunny cake that my mom used to make for my siblings and I at Easter.  Today I am updating that post with the full recipe and tutorial details so that you can make one with your family this Easter season! Enjoy!

This recipe is adapted from the Baker’s Coconut Cut Up Cakes Recipe circa 1970-ish.

Supplies and Ingredients:

  • 2 9-inch round cake pans
  • Yellow cake mix (use your favorite boxed recipe)
  • Two containers of white buttercream frosting
  • 1-2 small bags of coconut flakes
  • Red food coloring
  • Green food coloring
  • Knife
  • Red and black licorice
  • Blue icing from tube
  • M & M candies
  • Foil covered cookie sheet
  • Two glass bowls


1.    Bake cake according to the directions.  Choose the directions for using 9-inch baking pans.

2.    Allow cakes to cool completely and remove from pans.

3.    Place one round cake in the center of your cookie sheet.  This will be the bunny head.

4.    Use the second round cake to make the ears and bowtie. Follow the diagram below and cut along the red lines.

 5.    Place the bunny ears on your cookie sheet just above the head making sure the ends of each ear touch the head.

6.    Place the bow-tie shape just below the bunny head making sure the cake ends touch (just pretend that is what is happening in the photo below {wink}).

7.    Ice the entire cake.

8.    Divide one bag of coconut between the two glass bowls.

9.    In one bowl place a few drops of red food coloring and stir the coconut until well blended.  Continue to add food coloring a drop at a time until you reach the desired pink color.

10. Repeat this process with the green coconut.

11. Add the pink coconut to the ears to make it look like the inside of a bunny ear.

12. Spread the green coconut on the cookie sheet around the bunny.

13. If you find that one bag of coconut is not enough for the ears or the grass then you can repeat steps 8-12 with the second bag of coconut.

14.  Use the blue icing to draw eyes.

15.  Create a mouth with the red licorice and whiskers with the black licorice.

16.  Use M&M candies to decorate the bow tie.

 Enjoy and Happy Easter!



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