10 Fun Snow Day Activities

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Yippeee!  A good old fashioned snow day is the perfect excuse for a little extra family bonding.  The kids are excited to be home from school, parents are more than likely home from work, and everyone gets to sit around in their pj’s all day!  I love me a good ol’ snow day!

Here are ten ideas to help make your snow day a fun filled one!

  •  Have a board game tournament!  Let everyone in the family pick their favorite board game and play them all.  The person who wins the most games gets to pick the next activity!
  •  Start a snow day tradition.  Some ideas are to bake cookies, craft, watch movies, or set up a hot chocolate bar with everyone’s favorite hot coco toppings!
  • Make edible snowflakes- fold tortilla shells into quarters.  Use scissors to cut shapes out of the folds (just like paper snowflakes).  Unfold to reveal your snowflake shape and lay the shells on a cookie sheet.  Brush with melted butter, sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar and bake at 350 degrees until crispy.
  • Learn something new!  Research a new interest/hobby on the internet, start planning a garden, or start planning your summer vacation!
  • Make a blanket fort!  If you never did this as a kid, or have forgoten the finer points of fort making, here  is a great article from Simple Mom to refresh your memory.
  • Have an indoor picnic for lunch.  Pack a picnic basket or lunch box just like it was a real picnic. Find a sunny spot in your home to lay out your blanket and pretend you are enjoying the spring weather!
  • Play in the snow!  What is the point of all the white stuff if you can’t get out in it!  Give your kids some spray bottles filled with a water/food coloring mixture and let them paint the snow.  Have them build a fort out of snow bricks made with Tupperware containers.  Build a snowman.  There is so much fun to be had in the snow!
  • Bring the snow inside.  If the temperatures are too cold, or you have little ones, fill a big plastic tub with snow and let them play with the snow at the kitchen counter.  Cups, cookie cutters, and plastic utensils are great for creating indoor snow sculptures.
  • Enjoy some quiet time reading, writing or coloring.  There are many great websites where you kind find printables to use.
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for snow cream! Snow ice cream- recipe here courtesy of the lovely Paula Dean!

What are your favorite snow day activities?

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12 thoughts on “10 Fun Snow Day Activities

  1. Hi – interesting write-up. This year’s weather has been crazy and I can’t wait for it to stop sooner than later! Who would guess that my buddies in Chicago and Austin would have a snow day at the same time! Anyhow… slick blog… I’m subscribed to your feed now so I’ll be checking in regularly!

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